MCSE:Security Army !

Another Sergeant Hartwell Misquote:

* You will not say a word! You will not speak unless spoken to! Do you ladies understand me? (Sir! Yes! Sir!)

* From this point forward you will eat, think and dream Windows Server 2003 Security! Do you maggots understand? (Sir! Yes! Sir!)

* We are in a war, Gentlemen! The future of the free world depends on you people becoming Microsoft certified Security Specialists! You each will become a MCSE:Security! Every time you see a Firewall that isn't ISA Server 2004 you will kill it! What are you going to do ladies? (Kill! Kill! Kill!).

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Ariel Antigua

Es un Administrador de Sistemas & Redes. Ha pasado por varias áreas en Informática y actualmente esta incursionando en el mundo de la virtualización con los productos de VMware. vEXPERT por varios años e intenta domininar el arte de administrar VMware NSX.