How To Setup Vanity DNS Name Server Using Windows DNS Service.

The topic of this post is very similar to, and if you think that, is true… because i read that article this morning a start thinking » that could be done using Windows DNS Service.... » and this is how a did it.

First create a test zone using DNS Console on Windows 2003 Server.
( Since this zone is not going to be integrate into Active Directory, click Next 3 times. ).

Now we have our created in our DNS Server, the only think we have to do is change the DNS Servers that appears in the Name Servers tab in the properties of our test domain and change the A records for those DNS Server, not the IP Address those need to stay the same as the real DNS Server IP Address.


you need to change the Primary Server in the SOA tab as well….

We gonna end with something like this..

That was easy, just using the DNS Console, can you believe me if i told you that editing the .dns file is more easy ?
.dns is the extension used by Windows Server 2003 to store all the dns settings of a domain. You can find it in %systemroot%\system32\dns\, this apply for all the zones that are not part of Active Directory.

This is the content of
; Database file for zone.
; Zone version: 2008072109

@ IN SOA (
2008072109 ; serial number
900 ; refresh
600 ; retry
86400 ; expire
3600 ) ; default TTL

; Zone NS records

@ NS
@ NS

; Zone records

ns1 A
ns2 A
test A

Yes i know… looks like a BIND configuration file…… thats the cool part of this, if you are familiar with BIND administrating a Windows DNS Server is gonna be very easy.

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