Guide to VMware ESX Server 3

I found a link with a very nice and useful guide with commands to administer VMware ESX 3, there are commands like:

Produces an enormous amount of information about the ESX host. You really need to pipe this to a file for closer examination!

[root@esx1host root]# esxcfg-info >esxinfo.txt

and much more!!!

and if you are still running VMware ESX 2.x, there is a guide for that version too!

VMware ESXi Gratis ?

Hoy me entero de que VMware podria convertir a VMware ESXi en un producto gratis! esto seria una gran noticia para todos los que nos gusta usar productos de VMware. Se puede leer una recopilacion de enlaces en los cuales hablan de que esto podria ser posible.

WPAD using DNS on Windows Server 2008

Maybe you like me, are one of those who use WAPD for auto configuration, i use it for auto configure the ISA Firewall Client so the computer knows what’s the ISA ip address, this work very nice and is working this way since two year here where i work, and we choose to install two new domain controllers with Win2k8 and change the DNS Servers in the DHCP configuration so the DNS for all our machines are now the two new Win2k8 and there the problem started, some users reported that the ISA firewall Client is showing a red sign…. bad.. the first thing that i do was check our ISA Server and fine that is working without any problem and after 5 minutes I found that WPAD wasn’t resolving to the isa server.

A quick Google search, found this [ ] and everything is back to normal…… time to read more about new things on windows Server 2008.